Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Stop Animal Cruelty!

I am all for stopping animal cruelty, but this post is about Michael Vick's inability to bring harm to a certain group large mammals that inhabit the Lake Michigan area... da Bearsss.  Vick may have been a dogkiller, but he's had trouble against the Bears during his career.  This Monday Nighter was no exception. 

Last night's game was, from my perspective, the best game I've watched all year.  It was prime time, my team was involved, it was close, there was a lot of back and forth, excellent plays on both sides, horrible mistakes on both sides, and in the end the Bears came out with a win.  On the Jay Cutler Smirk-O-Meter, I give it a:

This is an excellent rating.
As a Bears fan, I am tickled pink (not in the Penn State way) that they were able to come up with such a huge win under the lights and on the road.  They may have a somewhat ugly style, but I believe the public can recognize that they are a good football team (whatever that  means.)  Am I stating that they are now the class of the NFC?  No.  Am I saying they will beat the Lions at home next week?  I hope so, but we'll have to see on that one.  Am I guaranteeing a playoff berth?  No necessarily, but I am now leaning toward three NFC North teams getting into the playoffs. 

Oh!  Also- a big shout out to DeSean Jackson!  He put up zero points to get Murder Panties a nice win in the MSFL.  What a piece of shit that guy is!  His attitude stinks worse my farts after a full night brats and German beer.  Even better than the Fantasy Football result, was DeSean's huge fumble on a punt that set the Bears up for a score.  Special teams (and average Michael Vick) lost the Eagles that game and I enjoyed every second. 

Unfortunately, the Peppermill High Rollers were not able to overcome the deficit.  Matt Forte's fumbles were huge during the game, and absolutely affected the result of this Fantasy match up.  His first fumble led to an Eagles touchdown which, since I had the Bears D also, was a 5 point swing.  Ugly.  I'm worried that the contract talk is getting to him... I hope I'm wrong, but you can see it start to creep in. 

Last, I'd like to commend the Bears Offensive Line.  They have been awful at times this year.  Just putrid.  However, last night, they allowed ZERO sacks to a stout Philly rush.  That deserves some serious props.  Keep that up fellas!

What a great game... FUCK YEAH!


Observer said...

I feel like I owe Michael Vick for sucking and Jeremy Maclin for dropping all those passes. Couldn't be 5-4 without you, fellas!

How were the Eagles 8 point favorites? Anyone who bet on that line deserves a condescending Jay Cutler smirk.

Prime99 said...

It is amazing how much the week to week action affects the betting lines. The Eagles have been underachievers, beat an even more underachieving Cowboys soundly, then get over-favored against the Bears.

The Bears are definitely susceptible to the roof caving in (see: Week 2) but they shouldn't be 8 point underdogs to anyone. I think the line vs. the Packers earlier this year was 6.5, I could be wrong though.

GMoney said...

The Eagles are almost always given 3 points more than they should be giving. I guess ever since that game against the Skins last year, Vegas wants to be prepared if they go Beast Mode (and the public probably throws money on them a lot in hopes that they repeat that performance).

Chas Henry fake punt pass was such a glorious toss. It looked like something from Donovan McNabb's portfolio.

FACT: Jon Gruden wants to shower-wrestle Dane Sanzenbacher.

Prime99 said...

I was watching the game with Dick Tracy last night and I kept mentioning how terrible Gruden is. He has become the most insufferable announcer around. I WANT him to get back into coaching so we don't have to hear his nonsense on a weekly basis.

Great call on the Chas Henry pass. That looked like vintage McNabb (last three years.)